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Interior Design for Car Dealerships gets a whole new look!

Mossy Auto Exchange in Pacific Beach, San Diego complete 11/2018 San Diego Office Design What a cool project!- Mossy Auto In San Diego by Slidely Slideshow In San Diego, Mossy is a name synonymous with car buying. They have a proven track record and have been a part of the San Diego community since 1921. […]

Best Desks for 2019; Selected by ‘The Design Boss’

As a Commercial Interior Design firm owner that specializes in office design, I see thousands of desks and workstation designs each year.  I also attend interior designer-only trade shows across the country to get a preview of the latest and greatest designs that are on the market or soon to be released (yes, it’s just […]

A new concept in car dealership design

San Diego Office Design was hired by Mossy Toyota in Pacific Beach to help them create a car buying experience that would look and feel as different as the car shopping experience would be for their customers. Our interior design team flipped the script on the ‘typical’ showroom layout and created a space that feels […]

Your office lobby and the first impression its making (or lacking)

  First impressions matter. They matter A LOT. Make a memorable impression on the visitors to your office and plan accordingly for your reception and lobby areas. Be unique…be thoughtful….Pay attention to the details. Incorporating natural stone like this gorgeous blue crystaline slab can showcase your commitment to the environment and to your company’s creative […]

3 BIG reasons why you shouldn’t cut art out of your office budget

One of the elements of office design that is constantly overlooked by people planning to improve or move their work spaces is artwork.  Many times it’s for budget reasons…after  the myriad of things to plan for, pay for, and make decisions about, office art is often deemed a ‘non-essential item’ and is cut from the […]

Do acoustic panels really help with sound?

The short answer is yes, acoustic panels and artwork can really help to diminish loud noise when used in conjunction with other items and places properly within your office space. Notice my caveat here…You need to know how to balance the wall, floor and ceiling applied acoustic materials in order to really be effective in […]

Bye-Bye Boring Office, Hello Feminine Pretty Office!

Have you ever noticed how masculine most office furniture looks and feels? Sure, they may make some furniture in white, and add colorful ‘pops’ here are there, but it never really feels feminine or lord-forbid…GLAMOROUS. Well, we’re here to change all of that, and to show you that your office doesn’t have to be boring […]

A “Swaggy, cool as s*it” Podcast studio

 When your Facebook-famous client requests something completely unique and custom for his podcast studio and music recording booth, this is what you give him!!  This fully acoustically treated room took weeks to design and revise until we got it just right. We captured the cool aesthetic and cutting edge ‘street-wise’ design and added some really […]

Here’s what we’re designing for 4th of July: Sangrias!

Want to learn to create this delicious 4th of July Sparkler? Our office is all about creativity, fun, and Happy Hour!  We were searching for something festive to share for Independence Day, and this Pinterest find screamed: “you must have me!”  We hope you enjoy it as much as we will 🙂 Reminder: Our Design […]

3D office Design: A Photo-Realistic fly-through of a WOW office space

Our hip, millennial, Facebook-Famous client requests an office that is part event space, part nightclub, part marketing office. In order to catch his attention and capture the energy and innovation of the new space, we opted to present it as a 3D Fly-through movie. His reaction was priceless “This is the Bomb….When do we start construction?” […]

How to Incorporate Branding into Your Office Design

Offices have truly transformed since the days of fluorescent lighting, cubicles, and water cooler breaks. As more and more evidence surfaces linking office aesthetics to employee productivity and happiness, businesses of all sizes across all industries are embracing office design as a key element of company culture. But there is more to be said for […]

Tamara Romeo named in the “50 Influential Leaders” feature

It’s a proud day for the Boss Lady! She was named one of San Diego’s “50 Influential Leaders” by the San Diego Daily Transcript. We had our friend (also an award winner, Cybele Thompson) swipe a copy right off the Mayor’s desk so that we could read the article for ourselves! We would post the […]

Summers are fine at San Diego office Design

We are thrilled to announce our newest team member, Kelsey Cross. Kelsey is joining us this summer to expand her knowledge of commercial interior design as well as the business behind the design.  Kelsey brings a passion for design, space planning, and aesthetics to the team, and is looking forward to learning from the rest of […]

Photo shoot day for the Design Boss

It’s photo shoot day and Tamara worked with one of San Diego’s hottest celebrity photographers, Cece Canton, to get the job done. All of the shots were taken around East Village in the downtown area, which is also Tamara’s neighborhood.  

the superheros of open office design

We now offer a fast & easy option for clients that have a tight timeline and need a simple solution to get to work quickly. It’s called EASY OFFICE DESIGN and is tailor made for open office work environments. Get delivery in as little as 5 days! check out the virtual brochure here:  https://brojure.com/sdofficedesign/easy-office-design/

How to Design an Office Space That Startups Will Love

By Stefan Bhagwandin and Tamara Romeo Close your eyes and picture the ideal startup office. What do you see? Beer on tap, colorful bean bags, eccentric decor? If you’re an office designer, you’ve no doubt asked yourself this question (and agonized over the answer). You can follow trends, but it’s hard to say what prospective tenants […]

Is your office space an untapped asset?

        Make no mistake: Your brand identity matters. It tells current and prospective clients who you are, what you do, whom you serve, and why you are better at it than your competitors are. But, as you strive to differentiate your firm through your website, social media, marketing, and networking events, you […]

Commercial-vs-Residential Furniture; What’s the Difference?

Interior Design services for commercial spaces and residential spaces vary greatly. When you think of interior design, you might be most familiar with residential designers that help with space planning and design for your home. However, there is a specialized niche of interior design focused solely on commercial interior design and space planning as well […]

What is Activity based working?

Activity based working is based on the concept that work happens in a variety of settings, and differing times, and in ways that are comfortable and productive for the task at hand.  This sort of arrangement for a workspace takes into consideration of all of the different sorts of tasks we do each day, as […]

Spec Suite for Commercial leasing agent & building owner

Recently I was asked if San Diego Office Design would be able to help ‘reimagine’ a dated office suite of about 2,000 square feet in the Mission Valley area. The building owner was told by his broker that it would be almost impossible to rent as it was and that he could add value for both […]

Your New office Plan; Open? Private? or something in between?

Looking back to jump forward For the last three-to-five years open work environments have been the dominant aesthetic style for office design.  Initially, companies took fairly dramatic leaps from the more traditional private office and high-walled cubicle settings to removing walls, lowering the partitions between cubicles and developing a sort of open loft-style work environment […]

Tamara is featured in CREATOR: We Work Magazine

In this article from CREATOR: We Work magazine, Tamara was asked to give her insights about office trends today and into the future https://creator.wework.com/toolbox/high-tech-desks-flexible-furnishings-office-design-goes-ultra-modern/   The way your office is designed affects every aspect of your work. So whether you’ve been working in a cubicle for the past 10 years, or your office furniture hasn’t […]