Read the Raving Review: A Blend of Good Business & Innovative Design

Chris Crocker, C.O.O

“The design of our new office space in La Jolla has propelled Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty to double our sales volume in the La Jolla market. Working with the team at SDOD, we were able to triple the number of real estate agents who work in the space by utilizing a combination of reserved private spaces merged with un-reserved hoteling and communal area spaces. The net effect overall has been transformative for our business. Sales are up, existing customers are impressed, new customers have been attracted to our business, new agents have joined our business and we have doubled our volume in less than 12 months. Each of these items on their own would have been a win but all of them combined have totally blown away our expectations when we hired SDOD onto the project.

While all of those stats are impressive, the most important impact is not as easily measured. The design of the space has created an energy and excitement within our business that we can not measure in a spreadsheet. Real Estate offices tend to be quiet and competitive environments where sharing is not common. The design and aesthetic created by the SDOD team has transformed our team in how they work together collaboratively, how they feel about our company and the pride and confidence have radiated into our marketplace.

Can good design double your business? In this case, the answer is emphatically and simply, yes.”

Chris Crocker, C.O.OPacific Sotheby’s Realty

Watch the beauty develop!

The completed project, June 2016

Pacific Sotheby’s Realty has been nominated as an orchid for 2017

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