Small but Mighty office uses work + collaborate + share as their theme

A glowing review of our design team

Jerry Jamison

“As a national advertising agency with Fortune 100 clients, our standards are high. We also know and understand the value of branding, client experience and perception. So, when we determined that our corporate headquarters in San Diego weren’t a good reflection of who we were nor captured the innovative spirit and collaborative style of our teams, we were ready to turn to a professional design team to make a significant change. And that’s when we selected San Diego Office Design.

They immediately captured “our spirit” and interpreted who we were by grabbing elements from of our past (I admit, I’m a child of the sixties) and perfectly blending them with a fresh and vibrant view for the future. There were some unique building challenges through which they navigated smoothly and their attention to detail was outstanding. but best of all they just “got us.” The end result is a striking and quite unique space that demands attention while being thoroughly practical as well.

I must add that we were especially impressed with Tamara’s desire to understand our market niche and her willingness to collaborate with our own graphic designers throughout the process. It was satisfying and fulfilling in every way and we are the daily recipient of comments on her work from clients, visitors and our own team members. I would welcome you to contact me directly at any time if you want to know more details or would like to see examples of her superior work on our behalf.”

Jerry JamisonJamison Advertising Group

Recently San Diego Office Design completed an office renovation for a client who had been in their space in Chula Vista, Ca for over 30 years.  This small firm has employees from all over the country who only see the office space during video conferences, and on rare occasions when they fly into San Diego for company meetings and events.

The owner and founder of this creative advertising & video agency felt that his space lacked the “wow factor” needed to make an impact on camera as well as in person with his staff and high-end clients.  As someone used to creating a splashy first impression, he felt his existing space lacked thoughtfulness as well as any brand connection to who his firm had become over the years.

The interior design team at San Diego Office Design collaborated closely with this highly creative owner to create a new vision for his brand and space that would grow with him over the next ten plus years in the space.  With a focus on vibrancy, story-telling, and brand connection we went to work to craft the custom looks needed for his design.

Almost all of the items in the space are one-of-a-kind custom designs.  From the artwork created by the firm’s owner that was thoughtfully displayed by our team, to the unique rolling work/meeting table with building block legs, each spcial item began to take shape.

The space had 3 focal areas: Work (the desking area) Collaborate (the center raised platform area covered in grass-like carpet) Share (at the work/meeting table area)