Tech firm focused on employee well-being

Tech firm focused on employee well-being

IDIQ is an Identity Theft Restoration company on Business Park Drive in Temecula.

The project brings a new spin to the concept of a boutique, forward-thinking office space, and will inspire creativity and progressive ideas for years to come. Highlighted by the highly specialized interior finishes and furnishings within the office spaces, Identity IQ is sure to be the focal point of innovative resolutions.

Nestled inside of the various businesses that make up Business Park Drive in Temecula, Identity IQ is a converted charter school from years past. Although the name and function of the property has changed throughout the years, the inspirational qualities of the area have not. Much like the vision for a charter school is to shape the minds of young people, the vision for Identity IQ is to inspire: inspire the other tenants located nearby and inspire the employees who work in the office space. A hidden gem inside of a mass of office buildings is sure to catch the eye of local business owners and create a completely unique, and different workplace environment.

Identity IQ is truly a twenty-first-century office space outfitted with two separate spaces to allow the mind to flow freely.  Scott Hermann, owner of the Identity IQ offices, wanted the office to be a creative haven for his employees. Along with the highly customized interior finishes and furnishings within the building, there is also an environmentally-friendly aspect to the project. Most material and objects inside are environmentally-conscious, down to the carpet glue. Reclaimed wood and recycled railroad ties that give the interior of the office a very rustic look, while also offering the highest quality of function as well as fashion.

Our favorite feature is a hidden gem…a roll-up door between the conference room and open collaborative area made of acoustical material that adds both visual and sound privacy from one area to the other.  When recessed into the ceiling, it creates an area perfect for large team meetings and events.

This project was a very successful collaboration between San Diego Office Design working along with the General Contractor, Level 3 Construction.