Where WE work! San Diego Office Design’s own office

The San Diego Office Design team moved into our custom built offices in December of 2014.  After an exhaustive search for the right location, we started the job of space planning for our needs.  With four designers working in tandem, this was no easy task, but we each infused a bit of what was important to us in each and every space within the office.

Our vision for SDOD includes the keywords TRANSPARENCY, COLLABORATION and JOYFULNESS, and we were committed to creating a physical space that embodied those tenets.

We planned for 3 weeks, then began the task of demo of the entire office suite. All the walls, floors, ceilings and lights were removed and we were left with an empty shell. We left just one small office for Tamara, and the rest of the office was left wide open. Having open space means all storage areas have to be carefully planned (there is no place to hide a mess here!) so we custom designed all of the cabinetry, library shelving, and office furniture to hold the various items we need, and created tuck-away spots for everything else.

Next we worked with various furniture vendors to specify furniture that would be representative of our own aesthetic, but also lines we would be happy to recommend to clients. We have a total of 12 vendors for our space. Some of our larger projects can have 50 or more vendors, so this wasn’t too bad, in our minds. We had all of the timelines carefully prepared and then the Holiday season crept up on us, and production started to s-l-o-w down.  Even with our tight industry connections, we worked hard to get items delivered on time.

When it came time to install our lovely new items, we had a some special design criteria. Our owner, Tamara is Feng Shui certified in traditional compass style Feng Shui, and her must-have list included the 5 natural elements necessary to balance and harmonize the space.  Working around specific placement requirements, we included (1)fire (2)earth (3)metal (4)water & (5) wood.  Note items like a running waterfall on the wall, living plants, stone counter tops, all very important on our ‘perfect office’ check-list.

Now three months later, we are all beyond thrilled with our lovely new workspace.  We just completed a virtual tour through GOOGLE, and invite you to experience the office for yourself.