Tamara Romeo

Marketing Maven & Branding Bada*s Who Built a Successful Interior Design Firm

My name is Tamara Romeo, but, at work, I’m known as “The Design Boss.”

Over a dozen years ago, I founded an award-winning commercial interior design firm and, for over a decade, have been known as San Diego’s resident interior design expert, helping business owners create spaces in which employees thrive and clients feel comfortable. Having completed over 3 million square feet of projects in San Diego, I’ve designed some of the most memorable spaces around town….and the globe.

This success came after a huge life & career-altering shift in mentality at the age of 39 in which I rethought everything in my life. This reevaluation started with the simple question, “Why not?” and led to a major power pivot that helped me to find my true passion, launch my own company, and take on the second half of my life with gusto.

I have successfully worked with both large international companies and small start-ups to build brilliant brands and improve performance, increase productivity and enhance employee experience. As our world deals with COVID and its lingering effects, it’s vital to re-imagine both our work and home environments in this new, hybrid-work era as well as where ‘home’ becomes the multi-functional command center for family, work, study, fitness & wellbeing, personal growth and social connecting.


Speaking Topics

  • The “Culture Key” for Getting Your Team Back to the Office
  • How to Design Your Office Space to Attract & Retain High-Value Staff
  • The Hybrid Office: An Opportunity to Re-Imagine & Redesign the Workplace
  • How ‘Why Not?’ Can Change Your Life & Career

Credentials & Education

  • San Diego State University, B.A. degree
  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Graduate
  • Turner School of Construction Management
  • Previous Chair, Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, SDSU
  • Woman Business Owner of the Year & Top 50 Influential Leaders
  • Certified practitioner of compass-style Feng Shui



Speaking Topics

Credentials & Education

Featured Podcasts


In this engaging episode, I had the opportunity to speak with Tamara Romeo, aka ‘The Design Boss’. Tamara is the founder of San Diego Office Design, an award-winning interior design firm that helps companies create inviting workspaces that express and support their brand and culture.

THE SMART DESIGNER with Tamara Romeo

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Tamara Romeo of SD Office Design aka “The Design Boss”. Though based in San Diego, California, her business reaches worldwide to help other businesses create spaces that reflect their brand and that employees can thrive in; yielding better performance and higher productivity. Learn how Tamara started her business from the ground up and became a successful entrepreneur. Tamara not only exemplifies the meaning of designing smart but also gives back by sharing her inspiring story with others through volunteering as a live keynote speaker.

THE BUSINESS BROS with Tamara Romeo

In this episode, I sat down with the Design Bros to discuss what goes into designing the right space.

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