A glowing review of our of our team Designers

Ashley has been excellent to work with. We are impressed both with her attitude and her expertise. It’s been a fun experience all around. It may not be moving quickly but I think the project is moving at the right pace. There are a lot of players involved and a lot of moving parts and Ashley is doing a good job of managing them all.

Jerry Jamison
Jamison Advertising Group

Happ Law Group

I initially contacted San Diego Office Design because I was expanding my law office into a new suite.  Starting fresh in a new office space, I wanted to have a professional and cohesive look throughout my suite.  When I reviewed SDODs website, it appeared that they offered the services that I needed.  I left a voicemail for Tamara and she got back to me very quickly.  We set up an initial meeting in which I met both Tamara and Kari (Kari was willing to attend the meeting even though it was her day off).  We went over a game plan and they immediately helped me selected finishes for the office (which needed to be decided upon ASAP).  It felt great to have a professional make these important decisions for me.  

Over the next few weeks, I worked primarily with Kari and she was fantastic.  She researched and presented me with several options for furniture, art and accessories to choose from.  Kari’s dedication to my project was apparent because I even received emails from her with pictures of items that she happened to come across on her personal time that she thought would be good for my office.  It was a personal touch that made me and my project feel important.  Kari even helped me install all of the art work in my suite, which was great.  The finished product was amazing.  Every day that I walk in my new office suite, I am in awe of how great my office space looks.  I could not have done this without SDOD’s assistance and would highly recommend their design firm to anyone who wanted to design or redesign their office space. 

Christopher C. Happ

P.C. and the Firm’s Principal Attorney 

National Food Group

Tamara and her team provided Interior Design advice (and results!) for our office space. A fantastic upgrade which considered our work environment and team spirit ~ Tamara considered existing pieces and integrated new furniture, lighting and art into a bright and improved office which now reflects our company culture with fun and style! I love the results, and the morale among the whole team has improved with the enhancements. Pretty, less clutter, more functional and an inviting space to collaborate and work – Thank you San Diego Office Design Team!

Tracey Mumford Komata
Vice President/General Manager at National Food Group

AO Reed & Co. – Steve Andrade, President and CEO

As we anticipated celebrating our 100 year anniversary we were excited to remodel our facility. In order to achieve the level of quality and distinction that we desired we realized that we needed the sort of cohesive design plan and overall direction that interior design professionals bring to the table. Tamara and her team stepped in just as construction commenced on the remodel of our corporate headquarters.

San Diego Office Design, while working under the tightest of timelines and around a construction schedule that wasn’t alterable, pulled magic out of the air to breathe new life into our corporate lobby and conference areas. Lifelong employees are joyed to come to work each day as they walk through the redesigned entry areas. There is a certain sense of pride that comes from knowing that the company that one works for cares about its appearances- both inwardly and outwardly.

We were so impressed with SDOD’s integrity, creativity, and can-do attitude that we’ve partnered with them again for the redesign of our executive suite including private lobby, reception, offices, and board room. As our 100 year anniversary nears we grow more excited every day to see the transformation of our executive spaces. We know that Tamara and her team will be an integral part of each redevelopment phase of our 55,000 square foot facility.

Pain Care of San Diego – Dr. Michael Moon, Owner

I was very impressed by Tamara’s work on a custom home so we asked Tamara to come look at our office immediately. She spent hours with us generating ideas and catering to our needs. Her ideas were fitting for a medical office. When a selected paint color looked different than expected, she came to the site within minutes and asked what she could do to make it better. She was keen and able to delegate and make arrangements promptly. We are very pleased with her work ethics, creativity, and the finished product. Both Tamara’s personality and approach were invigorating and her ideas, refreshing. She delivers a perfect balance between customer service and professional flare. We recommend her to everyone!

BOP Design – Jeremy Durant, Principal

San Diego Office Design’s work has helped my firm present a more professional image to our prospective clients. The enhanced office environment has already helped us land two major accounts. The new office design has also positively impacted the company culture- employees stay longer and are more productive in the transformed space. I highly recommend San Diego Office Design to any firm who wants to present the best aspects of their brand to clients and employees.

Rate Rabbit – Bill Mansy, Owner

Several years ago Tamara at San Diego Office Design pitched her ideas for my corporate headquarters’ downtown location.  I was impressed by how respectfully she treated my vision and ideas. I was absolutely blown away by just how thoroughly she considered and incorporated our brand identity in all of the design decisions necessary to make our project come together. We’re delighted to report that our design remodel still impresses clients and employees.

Recently, I asked Tamara and her team to design my home movie theater. What the SDOD team came up with was exactly what my wife and I were looking for. Their attention to detail and professionalism keep all participants highly motivated and moving in the right direction.

We’re looking forward to many more design collaborations with Tamara and her team in the future.

Tina Steffan, Chief Technology Officer

The IT department at the City of Carlsbad was a maze of cubicles making it difficult for our customers to find an IT support person and impossible for IT and the business to collaborate. Cubes were cramped with little space to work. The entire area looked dismal. One might think that any change would be an improvement, but the IT team were not thrilled about changing their personal space. Then in walked San Diego office design – in particular Joanna Wheeler and Tamara Romeo. What a professional group, who did a very thorough requirements gathering, speaking to each individual on the team, measuring spaces, checking out every detail. They came with not only several different placement alternatives to redo the space, but many color-coordinated swatches of chair, panel, wood and paint selections and many different choices of office furniture that would meet our requirements.

My own endeavor on this was to shop a couple of furniture places, pick out some furniture I thought would work and just go buy it. What I had initially picked would have been a disaster. The requirements that Joanna so carefully gathered showed very clearly that if we were going to have a success with this new collaborative office space, we needed to meet individual needs and preferences. Joanna then took us on tour to several different finished offices in the area that held different manufacturer’s furniture laid out in many different fashions and colors so that we could see how these designs played out in the workplace. This was brilliant. The really cool thing about SD Office Design is that they aren’t tied to any specific manufacturer so we had the opportunity to look at many. In the past, we had worked with a single reseller of one manufacturer who simply drew a design and gave us pricing. There was no focus on the customer experience!

Joanna spent many hours with us going through design choices, changes and rearrangements in a very organized and amazing fashion. She obviously loves her work and is incredibly skilled, very knowledgeable and a joy to work with. The space SD Office Design designed and implemented for us is very collaborative, fits our requirements to the most specific details and is totally color-coordinated. Joanna took care of every detail of the implementation from the breakdown of the furniture to managing several different vendor deliveries and furniture set up. She also found us the best pricing on custom media tables that beat any manufacturer’s price and also made suggestions for artwork for our newly painted walls. Folks that visit here, other areas of the business and our executives are very impressed with the space. Enough so that they are making plans to do similar designs in their spaces.

SD Office Design made this all happen for us. There is no way that we would have had the knowledge, expertise and patience to coordinate, plan and implement all of this ourselves. SD Office Design created a design within our price point and delivered 10+ times what a single reseller offered at the same price! I am so happy with the result and highly recommend this team to design your working space. The great result makes all the difference to the staff that have to use it every day and the collaborative nature of this layout that they created for us has boosted productivity and encouraged the staff to work more closely with one another. The difference in productivity is quite noticeable and our business partners can now join us as we collaborate on projects.

I can’t thank you enough, Tamara and Joanna, for all of your thoughtful, creative work and ultimate patience in pulling this together for us!!!

Tina Steffan

Tina Steffan, Chief Technology OfficerIT OFfice Renovation Project