The Design Boss

The Design Boss

Tamara Romeo

There is nothing more rewarding to Tamara than learning about her clients’ “why” and then making it come alive within their spaces. Interior Design can be a powerful transformative tool.

Tamara helps business owners push past “the way its always been” to see the potential of “how it can be” which fosters growth, amplifies culture, and builds return on investment.

Tamara built her business on this belief: your space should look, feel & function in such a way that it boldly expresses your brand, inspires your team, and captures the attention and trust of your clients.

Tamara says that each new project inspires her. She loves the possibility of what something may become or transform into. Watching a project take shape over the weeks and months that the team develops it is like watching her child grow up.

Tamara’s role in the design process is to be your guide, counselor, advocate and project over-seer.

As a 2nd Generation San Diego native, Tamara, and San Diego Office Design, have strong ties to local charitable and philanthropic organizations that support women & children.

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