Amazing Interior Renovations :  Before & After

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Lantern Crest - Senior Living

Lantern Crest – Santee, CA
Overall material upgrade, added interest in the floor and flooring, pops of color in the furniture within the neutral palette of the room.

Clear Street Fin Tech

Conference rooms, private offices, and common areas – new furnishing and finishes.

Pacific Sotheby's - Real Estate

Custom made ‘blue willow’ glass was installed in all of the West facing office spaces to mimic the shades of blue you might see in the nearby Pacific Ocean. After sunset, the glass shimmered with a gorgeous glow created from the hidden LED light strip that was embedded around it.

Generous use of glass (with seamless edge detail) and wood-look ceramic tile made the space feel & function like a modern beach-side office with elegant appeal.

Adding a large bar-seating area helped to create a community feel and divided the kitchen space from the co-working space that was adjacent. During events and large gatherings, this kitchen area was the gathering zone, just as it is in a family home, and the clients love it!
Pacific Sotheby's Break Room

Chalice Wealth Management

We created a communal gathering area that has many home-style comforts in a small space by removing walls and increasing both the flow and functionality of the counter area was a key improvement.
Before and After - Chalice Kitchen

A.O. Reed & Co.


Before and After - San Diego Office Design

San Diego Office Design - Office

SDOD – Mission Valley San Diego
Embracing natural lighting, collaborative space, and a limit of walls makes space feels bigger and brighter.

Castles Realty

1200 sq feet

This darling office made big use of a small space.
With bold colors for the walls and fun acoustical panels that doubled as art it made for a modern and memorable space.
We custom-designed the cool stand-up iPad table to help with client property searches and it was a hit!
We provided every element here: furniture, decor, acoustics and more!

Residential High Rise

Diamond Terrace – Downtown San Diego
Mailbox hub locker for easy package storage, community spaces, and overall update to finishes.
Elevators, community spaces, gym, and overall update to finishes.
Before and After - Diamond Terrace mailbox

Mossy - Car Dealership

Mission Velley Commercial Plaza

2555 Exterior – Mission Valley San Diego
Reposition a dated and drab building to get it market-ready for a higher-priced sale.
Simple interior changes that look upscale, but aren’t expensive. Exterior facade and landscaping that relate well to the new interior scheme.
Before and After - 2555 Outdoor

Sefton - Residential Project

4200 sq foot
Full home renovation & furnishings by the design team

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