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We don't like to brag, but we've been noticed and awarded ...Okay, we'll brag a little:

Tamara Romeo speaking at SDSU-Women in Entrepreneurship

SDSU Women in Entrepreneurship

Tamara is a proud alumnus of San Diego State University and is past chair of SDSU’s Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. She regularly speaks to MBA classes about entrepreneurship and business growth.

Featured in Entrepreneur: Reveal Your Personality

To decide on the personality you want your store to project, be sure you have a clear understanding of your brand, says Tamara Romeo, lead designer of SD Office Design in San Diego. “Are you hip and price-conscious or sophisticated and higher-end? Once you determine who you are, your retail environment will follow. And always remember this: Customers love to feel that you ‘get’ them and have fine-tuned your products just for them.”

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Featured in New York Daily News: Shui Loves Me, Shui Loves Me Not

“When you walk into a room and instantly feel safe, comfortable and happy, that’s good Feng Shui at the most basic level,” explains Tamara Romeo, owner of SouthCoast Feng Shui Design in Del Mar. “In a bedroom, there are specific indicators of good and bad Feng Shui. For example, are you sleeping well? Are you and yourpartner intimate as often as you’d like to be?”

If your answer to that second question is, “No,” read on. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Romeo shares these tips for how toprime your bedroom for love by incorporating Feng Shui.

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Featured in San Diego Business Journal: Creating a Patient-Centered State-of-the-Art Environment

…San Diego Office Design was selected to do the makeover based on samples of work done by principal and owner Tamara Romeo. With a tight deadline of only a few months looming since planning began in June, Romeo set to work on a very fast-paced design-build schedule.

Going for a contemporary look that blends with PainCare of San Diego’s sophisticated medical equipment, a highlight of the new space is a conference room which can serve as a training facility with a camera setup that allows students and doctors to view surgical procedures as they’re happening in another room.

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Award | San Diego Metro Magazine: Women Who Impact San Diego

Tamara Romeo is a leading interior design professional. Her company, San Diego Office Design, is now one of the largest commercial interior design firms in San Diego. Quickly becoming known as San Diego’s answer to Silicon Valley design, Romeo calls her “secret sauce” the unique blend of interior planning, graphic design and brand storytelling that her company has become well known for. She is a scholarship recipient and graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Pro- gram. Romeo is a widely published expert in the field of brand engagement through interior design, focusing on design savvy on office and corporate spaces.

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Recognition | Modern Chandelier: Top Interior Designers in San Diego You Should Know

Making a better workplace for all lies at the heart of San Diego Office Design. For one thing, office design can make the difference between a productive workforce and an idle one. They are on of the top interior designers in San Diego and they create highly branded spaces to enhance company culture and visual appeal. Founder, Tamara Romeo, has a strong background in commercial design and renovations and advertising. For this reason, she and her team can successfully “tell the story of their clients’ mission+vision+culture”.

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