Project : Corza Medical

Project: Corza Medical

What a way to come back to work after the pandemic!

Our clients requested a vibrant, brand-centric office that would help them to attract new team members and welcome back employees after a long stint of working from home.

We made sure to create a space that was ‘just as comfortable as home’ but made for the specific functions of work.

We love the look of the open beam ceiling but knew we had to cure for sound issues in key areas like the conference room and open lounge area adjacent to the kitchen.

We designed highly acoustic beams and light baffles from specialty products made for this specific use.
The back wall of the conference room is covered with this ‘almost’ magic’ product which actually cuts sound bounce by nearly 50%

Office Furniture is all custom designed and built for this client by the design team (made locally in LA to cut shipping and freight costs) and supplied by San Diego Office Design.
Highly ergonomic offices feature 4 stage electronic sit-to-stand desks and task chairs that adjust for both standing and seated work.

The color palette and finishes were all selected to express the brand and culture of the clients’ health-focused industry.

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