Project : Matrix Construction Services

Project: Matrix Construction Services

This is a great example of an office
infused with culture, vision & branding.

Here’s the back story:
Our client’s original design firm closed during the pandemic
and he was stuck with a looming deadline and no one to help execute the design + furniture.

The client had seen me on Linkedin and dropped a note
asking if I could help?

Within a few weeks, we had a detailed Plan
a Strategy for how to get to the finish line,
and a Vision for what it would look like when we were done.

Managing the furniture to align with both his needs and his brand
was a key element to our success.
(some of his team members are ‘big & tall’ and required special furniture)

*Sit-to-stand electric reception desk
*Custom extra-wide & long powered conference table
*Sliding glass board branded with their logo and colors
*Frameless glass offices (transparency is part of their company culture!)
*Art selected to match each employee’s personality
*Chairs made for big & tall folks with extra ergonomics

And of course a kick a*s color palette
and branding package throughout!!
(did you see the custom video game table?)

The clients were thrilled with the final result and hired us to do 2 more offices for them 🙂


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