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High Tech meets Old World Craftmanship

If the solid African mahongany paneling and rich textiles don’t knock your socks off, the eight Crowson actuators buried in the custom theater seating will! The one of a kind Fortress sofa, upholstered in a Kravet herringbone chenille, shakes, rattles, and rolls in perfect cadence with every sequence of an action scene. This is a movie experience you feel to your core!


This fully automated home theater conceals all of the high-tech electronics that make it hum. When called into service, a projector drops down on a motorized lift in the ceiling. Upholstered wall panels disquise 3” thick acoustical foam inserts strategically placed to maximize sound quality and provide visual balance.


What do you do with a CEO and repeat client who won’t accept “no” for an answer? You oblige, and design their family theater to exacting standards and quality. Almost a year in the making, the resulting craftsmanship and innovation behind this project are more than worth the investment.

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