9 Reasons Why You Absolutely Positively Should Hire a Professional Interior Designer for Your Office.


Interior Design is like an iceberg. What you see us doing, and what most clients assume we do is really just the portion visible above the water line.  The true value of what we deliver is 90% of what you don’t witness, and is what makes everything click.
It’s one thing to make your space FUNCTIONAL, and yet an entirely more complex challenge to make it FLEXIBLE, ADAPTABLE & UPGRADABLE.
Planning + Vision + Problem Solving + Cultural Connection + Creativity + Insane Attention to Detail  + A Passion for Our Craft

EXPERTISE FAR BEYOND FURNITURE STORE SPACE PLANNERS:  Often times furniture vendors will say they include ‘free design services‘ when in fact, they are only providing basic space planning and taking the opportunity to sell you more of their own inventory. True Interior Design includes products & services that furniture stores don’t have at their disposal (flooring, paint palettes, graphics, signage, custom designed items) as well as technical design assistance throughout the build-out and improvement of your space.

WE CAN BUY FROM ANYONE, ANYWHERE..THERE IS NO LIMIT TO OUR OPTIONS: This may seem overwhelming at first glance, the truth is the best solution for your particular space may be a product that typical furniture stores don’t carry.  For us, If it doesn’t exist somewhere in the world, we can develop it, craft it and fabricate it especially to suit your needs.

WE SHOW YOU THE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL OF YOUR SPACE THAT MIGHT SURPRISE YOU: We attend weekly training sessions to learn the most up to date techniques, products, solutions, and vendors to help make your project a success. A commitment to constant education is part of our commitment to you.

WE KNOW HOW WORK, WORKS: Workstations, cubicles, offices, desks and meeting rooms all require knowledge about wiring, data, and technology. We think ahead to future growth plans, reconfiguration, and add-ons…its a technical marvel!

DESIGN THINK-TANK APPROACH: Our team of professionals works in tandem, hand in hand throughout the entire project. There are no hand-offs from department to department (miscommunication issues) or Design Divas allowed (creatives work in teams on your behalf)

AVOID PITFALLS & MONEY DRAINS: We have planned hundreds of offices, and have dealt with just about every scenario you can imagine; construction issues, timeline busters, culture crushers…we’ve seen them, worked around them, and know how to avoid them.

ON THE SPOT PROBLEM SOLVING: We offer concierge-level service; handling everything from product ordering & expediting, to returning damaged items and tracking down lost or incorrect orders. We’re just one text, phone call or smoke signal away 🙂

FUTURE PLANNING: Designers help to plan for today’s challenges, as well as those you may not even be aware of. We understand the trends in the marketplace, and how to adjust the space in ways that would make it the most effective for your company’s growth and future transitions.

EXPERT ADVOCACY: We’ll be with you every step of the way, offering guidance, support, and ‘been there – done that’ explanations that can help this sometimes crazy, overwhelming and frustrating process become more approachable and less intimidating.


SAN DIEGO OFFICE DESIGN is a leader in creating work environments that speak volumes about a companies culture and brand. The company founder and CEO, Tamara Romeo, shares wisdom from over 10,000 hours of expertise int eh field and over 50,000 hours of expertise in brand development.

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