Graphic that reads "What is your reception desk saying about your company?"

How to Pick the Best Reception Desk for Your Business

If your reception desk doesn’t make a memorable statement,you’re missing a great opportunity to speak volumes about your BRAND from the moment someone walks through your front door. This custom-designed acrylic & stone entry deskwas loaded with color-changing LED lightsto add to the WOW effect we wanted to createfor this event center/Theater space in San

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Picture of three small rooms or pods with people working in them.

Why Every Office Needs a Zoom Room

Zoom RoomsAre the new must-have space for re-entering the office. Smaller meeting rooms targeted on video, sound, acoustics, focused work and shorter conversations. These are not all-day work areas.They are meant to provide privacy when needed,and can (and should) be much smaller than a conference room. We love movable phone booth style rooms because they

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Showcase #2 by Humanscale

When we want the best in ergonomics, we call Humanscale. Showcase #2 is all about giving your employees the ultimate in adjustability and control over their own work environment.  Today with various sports injuries, and other health concerns,  long hours sitting in one position can antagonize  many people are looking for alternatives to sitting in one

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Each month we feature one of our favorite vendors in our office lounge vignette.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us to try out the furniture we would like to recommend to our clients, as well as for visitors & friends who stop by to give each item the all important “butt test”  (After all,

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