Office + Theater + Podcast + Video Studio

Once upon a time… I designed an office+ theater + podcast studio + video studio for this marketing celebrity named Billy. His company, Billy Gene Is Marketing, was famous in the Facebook ads world a few years back. You couldn’t miss Billy driving around San Diego in his bright blue Lambo…his personality was as bright as his car!! He hosted people like Grant Cardone, Daymond John, and many others you would recognize on TV up on stage with him, and he taught groups of VIPs how to add his special sauce to their marketing campaigns. (he is standing in front of the stage I designed in this photo) To say there was ‘pressure’ to create a unique & memorable space would be a massive understatement. Billy requested a space that was “Las Vegas meets New York City Penthouse” and we delivered. Some of the special features of this 8,000+ sq ft space were: A door into the secret swag room (where all the cool gift bags and goodies were) that was made into a fist bump door release (no handle in sight, all motion activated) And a Podcast studio that hosted many famous recording artists that had ‘gold bricks’ lining the wall (that were actually acoustical panels made to look like gold blocks stacked together.) A video game suite filled with furniture that actually responded to what was happening on the screen (shake, rattle and roll included!) A 25″ tall metal curtain with his face on it, dividing the theater from the reception area (you can see a part of it in the photo posted here) One of the drawbacks of my work is that many of the coolest spaces that we design can’t be shown…even on my portfolio because they are covered by an NDA. This is a long way of saying…we do far more than ‘just office space’ 🙂 Your wishes become our homework!!

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