Create a color palette for your office in 3 simple steps

materials & color palette
materials & color palette

Pulling together a look that is instantly recognizable as part of your business brand and culture is something we do for each of our projects. As you can see in our palette above, we’ve assembled all of our materials: flooring, fabrics, wall coverings, kitchen tiles, light fixtures and decorative items like the metal beaded drapery shown to the left of the photo.

Here are 3 quick steps to help you get started in pulling together your own creative & well-branded office palette.
1. Start with your inspiration.
For our palette shown above, the client’s  coastal La Jolla  location was key, and so ‘seaside sunset’ became our major theme.
We used images of the coastline and surf to capture the essence of our theme and to focus our color choices.
2.Next, write a concept statement of a few sentences that encompasses the feeling you are seeking to create in the space, or the type of person you are trying to appeal to. Use this statement as your ‘guiding light’ to keep your look focused and cohesive.
 Our concept for this project was deemed “Coastal Fusion”
We knew our focus was on the people that both worked and visited this new space. and  that the office and lobby would be considered the international showplace for the company. The vibe needed to be warm & welcoming, but also appealing to those with an eye for elegance, who have been well-traveled and yearn for a sense of locale with a twist of international exposure.
3.Constantly refer back to your first 2 items to make sure your choices are supporting your theme. Often during an interior design project, our clients will inquire as to why we selected one item over another, whether it be for color, material, sheen, durability or other factors. Being armed with all of the information about each of our product selections helps us educate our clients so that they see the value in our choices beyond just looking great.
Above is our final palette for our VIP client (after months of fine-tuning and budget changes)
We love it, and hope you do too!
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