Dramatically reducing your back-to-work time is key in planning your office move

As the owner of a commercial interior design firm specializing in office space design and furnishings, I have heard the same complaints and frustrations expressed by clients time and time again.

The time it takes to plan, specify, order and ship furniture for your new office can cause expensive downtime for your business as well as intrinsic costs to low morale and lack of efficiencies with your staff.

When time is your biggest consideration, we have the solution.

Commercial brokers and leasing agents looking to close more deals and offer value-added services to their lessors want a dependable, fast and affordable furniture option to offer as a turn-key solution.

Facilities managers need to be quick & responsive in offering solutions that need furniture to house new hires or transitioning teams. A furniture solution that can be delivered in just a week solves a big problem that exists in most furniture supply chains that usually takes months.

It’s a luxury when we have an interior design client at my full-service design firm that has the time to invest in tailor-made one-of-a-kind solutions. In this day of immediacy, it’s becoming more and more necessary to offer speedy service and even faster time to delivery.

Reconfigurability is key to the way teams change, shift & grow at work

A Smartbrief article from May, 2017 noted that the ability to shift workspace according to the needs of the team had a considerable impact on the design of the modern office. The ‘grow as you go” model of furniture acquisition can be an efficient and effective way to plan your furniture purchases in phases. The key to making that model work is quick response time from your office planning team, and quick-ship furniture that looks modern and functions well, without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

When you have the luxury of time to plan and design an innovative & creative office, a full-service interior design firm like San Diego Office Design is a fantastic choice. However, when you’re in a time-crunch, and you need fast & affordable furniture and space planning, our new Easy Office Design quick-ship program will be the answer you are looking for.

Want more information on our ‘Furniture in 5-days’ plan? We’d be happy to help. https://brojure.com/sdofficedesign/easy-office-design/

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