How to design a collaborative area that your employees will actually use

Design for the way your team works and what’s important to them

Develop a zone that works the way your team does

FALSE= “My employees would never use a collaborative area. They have a breakroom now that they barely go in to.”

TRUE= Design a comfortable, multi-functional, collaborative zone that looks cool and captures your teams spirit, and they will feel empowered to work away from their desks and offices.

BONUS= Get the c-suite team our of their offices and using this space too, and set the tone & tempo for your company culture from the top down!

Just how you do this is the sweet spot that takes some research, creative planning, and problem solving.

Why problem solving? Because every team communicates in unique ways, and needs different tools and tech in order to be successful AND, they may need problems solved like *fixing loud noise issues *running power and data to proper locations so that they can utilize the space in many different ways *move, adjust, and rearrange the office furniture to fit flexible needs and most of all, be comfortable while they are working, brainstorming, and developing the next BIG idea!

For example, in the photo above there are many important elements that you may miss at first glance

  1. The chairs are comfortable, and sit more like a lounge chair in a hotel lobby than an office chair. They also spin so that team members can easily interact with other participants.
  2. The lighting is focused but not glaring, and the fixture in this photo is actually also a acoustical solution that helps with sound absorption in an open area like this one.
  3. There are plenty of places to write (glass writable surfaces, table tops, tablet arms on chairs as an option)
  4. There is a TV, data and wifi on hand to help with presentations, meetings and break time tech.
  5. The Chairman’s fish tank. A personal element that was important to him, but also adds a touch of nature, and a calming touch of Feng Shui balance to the space.

When you are ready to consider adding an optn collaboration or brainstorming space to your office, make sure you consider the function you need, but also the personality of your team for best results!

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