Why 3D Renderings Are Vital to Interior Design Projects

Another example of how color creates impact
How renderings help to communicate with clients

This is a project we are currently working on in San Diego.
It is a luxury retirement community (“senior living center”)
that has tons of amenities including:

* a grand Lobby (a small part shown here)
* a movie theater
* a bowling alley
* a chapel
* a hair salon
* a pharmacy
* large dining room that seats 150
* and even a 50’s diner.

We had so many unique spaces to develop, that the only way to truly communicate the different feel and function of each one was to render it as if it already existed.

The client (who is not a visual guy in terms of colors and finishes) really appreciated seeing how all of the details would work together.

The reception desk alone is made up of 11 different components, all custom, so showing him the finished product helped him fall in love!

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