National - Parron Hall 2.2015 (5) National - Parron Hall 2.2015 (6)Each month we feature one of our favorite vendors in our office lounge vignette.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us to try out the furniture we would like to recommend to our clients, as well as for visitors & friends who stop by to give each item the all important “butt test”  (After all, who wants to spend money on something that looks good but is uncomfortable?)

February is our kick off month, and we are thrilled to be featuring National Furniture in our ‘featurette’ space.  We love these RENO chairs with power & data connections built right into the sides of the chairs.  With an iconic style, humble toughness and melting comfort, Reno does lounge like no other.

Ideal for any common and gathering spaces, casual conference and team rooms, cafes, welcoming and reception areas, private office and more, Reno is especially suited to perform in healthcare and education environments. With smart options like mobility, tablet arms, contrasting fabrics with up to three different upholsteries on one model and fixed or removable seat cushions, Reno offers comfort in more ways than one. Plus, Reno is certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold and level® 2 which can contribute to LEED® points.


Our samples have beautiful bent wood arms and have been paired with STACCATO tables and pull up side table for easy functionality away from your desk.

INTERIOR PLANT SERVICE is our preferred plant vendor, nof_staccato_1_enlarge pull up tableserving San Diego for over 35 years.  Each month, the owner Greg brings us his carefully selected favorites to be featured alongside the furniture our our lounge.




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