The Design Boss takes on ‘Radical Home Transformations’

A personal note from Tamara Romeo, Design Boss


So much has changed in our world in 2020 and all of us have been impacted in various ways. One of the biggest shifts has been the shutdown, which forces many of us to work from home.


I am lucky to have a boutique interior design firm that was already set up for either in-office or remote work. We still enjoy coming into our lovely office to collaborate away from our zoom screens, but we understand that many of our friends and clients don’t have that choice. 


During this work-away-from-work, some interesting opportunities have emerged, and I wanted to take a moment to share the ‘4-1-1’


So let’s take a look down memory lane for a moment:


Many of my friends and industry partners know me from my years of experience in designing large commercial spaces.


For the last 10 years, I’ve led an amazing team of talented interior designers that have designed spaces for


  • Schools
  • Museums
  • High-Rise communities
  • Gyms & Fitness Facilities
  • Hotels & Lodges
  • Super luxurious home theaters and movie rooms
  • Bowling allies and game rooms
  • Places of worship
  • Cafe’s, bars, and dining spaces
  • Boats, ships and dock buildings
  • Factories & large manufacturing facilities
  • Hundreds of office buildings and corporate spaces.

Many of these spaces are well over 50,000 square feet, so you can imagine the amount of detail and determination it takes to see a project through of that size and scope.  We’ve definitely developed strong project management systems and have built an amazing behind-the scenes process that keeps things running smoothly and efficiently.


Over the years I’ve had many many opportunities and requests to do residential design, but my response was always “There’s plenty of talented designers that do that type of work- I’ll refer you to one” and I happily passed on the opportunity to one of my Interior Designer friends.


Then something shifted…actually not something, everything!


Covid-19 impacted our world and changed a lot of the needs of my industry along with it.


Not only are we working from home, but we are also socializing at home, eating & cooking more at home, shopping from home, schooling our children at home and spending more time in our outdoor spaces (if we are lucky enough to have them.)


Our homes have become our sanctuaries, our safe-harbors in the storm.  What we want, need and demand from our homes has changed. They need to be much more of an intersection of our work+home lives, and that’s where my expertise really comes to life!


You see, as a design firm, we’ve always focused on a segment of interior design that I like to call Resi-Mercial…this is a combination of the best of residential interior design blended with the best of commercial and hospitality design.


In real-world speak it works like this: Think of your favorite hotel lobby, amazing restaurant, and trendy clothing boutique: each has a certain ‘flavor & appeal’ that I like to bring into the home environment.


Why not feel like you are at a fantastic bed & breakfast or swanky hotel lounge when you’re at home? After all, that’s where many of the ‘taste-makers’ spend their time gleaning inspiration for their show-stopping projects that you see in design magazines and on HGTV reality shows. 

And that, my friends, is where my new home design series was born.


R.H.T stands for Radical Home Transformations and it’s the name we use for creating a holistic change in a property…from the inside out and from the bottom to the top!


We love this holistic approach to design because it allows us to see and create potential in every space of your home. And since you live in every area, and are affected both positively and negatively by each and every room of your house, we want to make sure each space harmonizes and unifies with the others.


There are a lot of homes out there that need ‘special’ attention. 

  • You are buying a fixer-upper and want to make the most of it’s potential.
  • You’re a real estate investor and are remodeling an older home to resell.
  • You’ve inherited a family home that has ‘good bones’ but hasn’t been updated in decades and is in need of major TLC.
  • You’ve put off fixing up your home and now realize its overdue for an overhaul.
  • You’re building a new home and would love a ‘hotel at home’ feeling.
  • You want to re-balance, harmonize your home with positive energy & good FengShui

I invite you to follow along with our featured project where I’ll share weekly videos in the middle of the action, and share tips & tricks that you can use at home to create your own personal sanctuary.


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