Office with glass walls

Transform Your Open Office with Glass!

Transforming an open office into one with more privacy & health-safety doesn’t have to mean going back to the cubicles of 1998.

It can mean beautiful expanses of glass that allow for the flow of natural light that helps those working in the office connect to the energy and collaborative feel of the space- when they choose to.

Some people choose to add ‘privacy film’ that provides a frosted glass look…
Others love the open look of crystal clear glass.

Did you know that glass walls can even be movable- like furniture?
It’s TRUE!
There are repositionable glass walls that allow you to reconfigure your office as much as necessary!!

Companies that shift, change, and grow quickly love the option of movable glass because they avoid the expense and mess of tearing down walls and rebuilding them.

For the CFO’s & financial types, here’s an extra bonus:
Movable glass walls have a 7-year write-off for taxes.
Construction is a 30-year write-off.
Things that make you go…hmmmmmmmm 🙂

(from our project for Pacific Sothebys in La Jolla, CA)

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