What is Activity based working?

Activity based working is based on the concept that work happens in a variety of settings, and differing times, and in ways that are comfortable and productive for the task at hand.  This sort of arrangement for a workspace takes into consideration of all of the different sorts of tasks we do each day, as well as who we do them with (for instance, are they on the phone? by email? in person? across a meeting table? or at a remote location?)

A great example of an activity based office setting would be something like this office, where San Diego Office Design created different zones or ‘touchdown areas’  for teammates to interact, move away from their desk, or have a quick brainstorming meeting. it was a great solution for modernizing and retrofitting an existing space without the high cost of construction:


If you’d like to learn more about activity-based working, watch this fantastic animation video. It may inspire you to think about how you can adjust the spaces in your office.

great animation video here

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