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Why Should You Hire Us for Your Interior Design Project?

With so many interior design firms out there,
We understand why it might be hard to distinguish
One from another
So we created these awesome graphics
To show you exactly why
You Should Hire Us

1. Our Custom Floor Plans

There is a common misconception when it comes to interior design. 

At the heart of the issue is the belief that all interior designers do the same thing in the same way….basically, that when a client compares one interior design firm to another, they are comparing ‘Apples to Apples” and thus, they boil down a project to dollars for hours.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

And as a client, if you make the mistake of assuming that the least expensive service will provide a similar result…well then, you may be in for a rude awakening.

Let’s use the example above from a real job completed by San Diego Office Design.

The floor plan on the left of the image above was created by a very large, well-known, and well-established Architectural Design/Build firm in San Diego.
It’s a basic floorplan used by many space planners and commercial Real estate brokers.

The problem with this plan is that it left our client scratching his head, not really understanding how the new office space would flow, feel & function in order to support his growing team.

In real-world speak…he felt ‘blah’ about it and that scared him, especially given the very large investment he was planning to make in the space.

Our custom floorplan was presented to the client, and his team immediately ‘lit up’ with excitement as they gained a true understanding of how their new space would be a reflection of their culture and working style.

The furniture selections and material solutions presented in the floorplan (in the image above) on the right matched and exceeded his expectations.

We believe that’s precisely what every client deserves to feel….excited, and thrilled to begin the journey with their Design team!

2. Our Think Tank Approach

The interior design profession is full of ‘Lone Rangers‘ and Solo-preneurs.
They are the brave souls who tackle every aspect of their career from creative concepts to financial management to project management.

And somehow, they muscle through their days, white-knuckling it when necessary to manage tasks that really aren’t part of their core set of strengths.

Tack on the necessary jobs of vendor coordination, installation management & client communication, and that solopreneur is likely lost in a pile of paperwork, deadlines, and invoices 
(and the poor client may be left wondering what the heck is happening with the status of their project?!)

It’s a huge job, and it’s almost impossible to be good at every single one of the necessary skills as a solo practitioner.

There’s a ‘sweet spot’ in the interior design world called a boutique firm.
This is how San Diego Office Design would be categorized.

We are a curated team of highly trained professionals that all work collaboratively to support one another through the process of developing and managing projects.

Our Think Tank approach allows our blended skills to work together to benefit our clients, every step of the way throughout the lifecycle of a project.

We have invested in hiring focused experts to join our team to assist with the things ‘creative people’ may not typically be great at managing: 
Financial Managers, Business Advisors, Installation Supervisors & more.

We also invest in systems, processes, and software that allow us to streamline projects to make interior design a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

3. Communication

Before beginning an interior design project, most clients would list ‘creativity’
or ‘personality fit’ as the two most common ‘must have’ skillsets to be successful.

Although those skills are vitally important, what most clients don’t realize is this:
Your Designer and Design firm must be highly organized and great at communication since at least 80% of your project will depend on LOGISTICS (what goes where, when, and by who?)

When one person (your Designer) is the pivot point for all of those details, it’s easy for clients to feel lost in the weeds if they don’t have an amazing project management & communication system to help them follow along with all of the details.

Add email, phone calls, texts, cloud storage, photos, and more and it can feel almost impossible to find the information that you need when you need it.

We’ve solved that problem with our one-click, 24/7 project management tool that our clients have access to any time, from anywhere.

No more searching, printing mountains of paperwork, or tracking down your Designer to get a project update.

Our system has what you want when you want it. 

And our team stays closely in touch with you every step of the way with weekly updates about what just happened, and what to expect next.

We’ve got you covered!

4. Our Renderings

Investing in interior design, construction and furniture can sometimes leave clients guessing (and hoping) that the final product will be what they imagined it would be.

At San Diego Office Design, we take the guessing out of the equation by offering 3D photorealistic renderings to our clients that help them to virtually ‘see’ and experience what their completed space may look like before a hammer is ever lifted.

Computer rendering is a very detailed process that takes a highly skilled technical Designer and very expensive software to complete. 

Many interior design firms just don’t have the money or time to invest in purchasing and learning the complicated programs, and so they either don’t offer these services at all or when they do offer them, they are outsourcing them overseas.

Outsourced renderings may get you to the final destination of having a lovely image to approve, but the process of actually designing each aspect of the design is vitally important to the success of the project. 

WHY? Because it allows the Designer to work through problems and issues that may occur in the real world, on their computer (saving lots of headaches, and expenses)

This valuable service & skillset is a great example of how investing in technical design ahead of time may help clients to avoid major pitfalls and problems later.

5. Our Involved Team

Remember the kids game called ‘telephone‘?

One person would start with a clear message and whisper it into the next person’s ear, and so on and so on, around the circle it would go. 

Finally, when the message reached the last person in the circle, they would say what they heard out loud.

It never failed that the message became a garbled mess by the time the last person heard it, and the whole group would laugh hysterically.

That’s exactly what happens when you work with a large company that hands your project off, moving it from department to department and person to person as it weaves its way around their segmented system.

And guess what happens to the final product after all of that hand-off?
it can easily become a garbled mess, just like the game of telephone.

Working with a smaller boutique firm like ours with focused talents and curated skills means your project never gets watered down or lost in the shuffle.

Each person on our team intimately knows your objectives, goals, and hot-buttons, and we follow your project through from beginning to end.

Thats what we call an end-to-end solution!

6. Branding

Our designs are built around branding.

And branding is all about visual storytelling: tapping into your vision, mission & cultural ‘heartbeat’

With 3 decades of experience in developing brands for both local & national brands, we are far more than ‘decorators’

We deliver true ROI (return on investment) in the form of attracting & retaining valuable staff, and helping to prep companies for acquisition.


7. Our Experience

Understanding the ‘client experience’ takes walking a mile in their shoes.

An enormous number of Interior Designers have never signed their own office lease, let alone invested large sums of money in interior design services and furniture to fill that space.

Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who can understand what it feels like from your side of the table? 
I know I would!

Come visit my office, and see what I’ve built for my own team.
The proof is in the beautiful result!

Have questions about a potential project? I love talking about design and will happily chat with you at no-obligation, to give you the best guidance and advice I can (even if it has nothing to do with working with my team!) You can reach me by emailing [email protected] or schedule a consultation by clicking the button below.

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Tamara Romeo is the Founder and CEO of two award-winning Interior Design firms in San Diego. Named one of San Diego’s top Interior Designers, as well as Business Woman of the Year, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Interior Design.

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