This window film helps you create privacy in a glass office or conference room

It’s a rainy day in San Diego, so I thought I’d stay indoors and share one of my favorite new products with you.

This nifty product is made to be applied to your existing glass walls, doors or windows. it can be used for both commercial and residential applications (I saw something similar at the W hotel a few years back)  It adds instant visual privacy with just the flick of a switch of the tap of your mobile phone app.

You can apply it to a new glass room or surfaces or existing walls, doors or windows that you already have in place.

The product runs on an electric current, so it does need to be hard-wired into the electrical switch and system to work seamlessly (yes, you do need an electrician for that!)

There are actually 2 options for this type of privacy for glass. One is the film I’m showing you here, and the other is the actual glass that has a special treatment for opacity. It costs more (a lot more) but has much more of a clean and bright look when the privacy switch is turned off.  By comparison, the film adds a tiny bit of a hazy look to your glass when the opacity is turned off, but I really don’t think anyone would be the wiser except you 🙂

If you are looking for a solution to create some privacy in your space, contact me anytime and I’ll do my best to assist!

[email protected] or call us 619-610-9358


Watch the BEFORE & After when someone flips a switch in their office that has used smart film (that I featured above in my video)

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