8 Holiday Must-Haves For the She-E.O in Your Life (the lady hustlers deserve some love this season!)


Does the lady boss in your life enjoy looking pretty & productive at the same time? 

If you said yes, then these must-haves should be at the top of  your gift-giving list this year!


This handy gift guide is a simple click & shop answer for your Productive Princess or favorite office Friend-ette.

Each image will take you directly to Amazon so that you can shop to your hearts content!

(as an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

1. Make sure her tech tools are charged and ready to hit the road when she is!

This Apple ONE dock duo (Apple Certified)Is a great way to make sure she can stay in touch on the road and in the office.  This stylish charger keeps her phone and watch charged so she can be large and in charge(d)!


2. This handy space saving glass board makes note-taking a breeze!

Perfect for that wasted space in between her keyboard and her computer this glass board is tilted at just the right angle to make taking notes fast and easy. The white glass surface is made from durable strong white-colored glass that adds a clean contemporary look to the office.  It even comes with a handy storage drawer tucked neatly underneath for extra markers, paperclips and other desktop items.  The photo on the right shows the one in my very own office.

Every one on the San Diego Office Design team has one and loves it!





3. She’s Got that Boss Lady Glow…or is it all that water she’s drinking?

I can’t tell you enough good things about my smart hydration reminder. I just love, love love it!  Without being intrusive, its motion sensor can tell when I’ve entered the office and subtly flashes at me to take a drink. Then every 45 minutes it gives me a gentle reminder to take another sip.  I truly believe that this one tiny tech gadget has changed my health for the better and helped me lose a few pounds to boot!

It fits around just about any size and style of water bottle, glass or flask (wait…that a whole different kind of hydration! LOL)

(And yes, they have basic black for the fellas too.)




4. Or maybe it’s not water??  Whatever it is, it looks great sitting on her desk in one of these great liquid-valets!

Whether she’s a water baby, a coffee Queen or a Chardonnay sipper, we’ve got the right desk top drink option for her.  Price varies, but is affordable 🙂




5. A True Boss Lady needs a a place to jot down her priceless ideas, next big adventures, and plans to take over the town.

We think this lined journal is just the perfect place to start. It includes 110 inspirational quotes to get her mojo moving and kick her beautiful booty into action. It also happens to go beautifully with the gold and Crystal pens below 🙂

A smokin’ deal at just $5.99



6. Girl, grab that pen and write those goals down! A true Boss Lady turns her plans into action!

This lovely gift boxed set of gold tipped ball point pens that are filled with crystals and are so unique and may even help your lady’s chakras moving in the right direction.



8. The Business card holder that means business!

No more searching in her purse or pockets for her business cards. A true Lady-pro takes her business cards seriously, and wants to make a great impression from the moment she hands over her contact info. The embossed gold lettering on the metal case stands out just like she does.


9. A trip into her office is sensory splendor with this ultrasonic essential oil aromatherapy set.

This is a true all-in-one pack of fun with aromatherapy, humidifier, diffuser, air-purifier and ambiant light all included. With 8 of the most popular essential oils included to help your lovely lady choose the scent she loves for her office. My personal favorite is the lemon grass scent!

was $79.99 now $26.95


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