A “Swaggy, cool as s*it” Podcast studio

 When your Facebook-famous client requests something completely unique and custom for his podcast studio and music recording booth, this is what you give him!!  This fully acoustically treated room took weeks to design and revise until we got it just right. We captured the cool aesthetic and cutting edge ‘street-wise’ design and added some really interesting functional features too.

The custom designed one-of-a-kind podcast desk is covered in a hi-gloss black writable surface. Just add some white and gold erasable pens, and the guests sitting around this desk will have a great time chatting via ‘desk message’ during recording sessions. No paper and pens needed!!!

The dropped soffit adds even more layers to our acoustical accommodations, plus gives us more feature LED color-changing light to boost the visual appeal fo the room from outside the city-front windows.

The dimensional ceiling (black) is actually custom foam acoustical tile that will allow for some big-time beat-box moments without disturbing the neighbors

The recording booth is covered in dimensional gold brick- each one adds to the acoustical performance of the room as well as the ultra cool factor.

We can’t wait to hear what Chris Brown thinks of our ultra cool space the next time he visits San Diego!!


These hyper-realistic renderings are part of our 3D interior design services that help clients to understand the artistic vision behind our designs


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