Bye-Bye Boring Office, Hello Feminine Pretty Office!

Have you ever noticed how masculine most office furniture looks and feels?

Sure, they may make some furniture in white, and add colorful ‘pops’ here are there, but it never really feels feminine or lord-forbid…GLAMOROUS.

Well, we’re here to change all of that, and to show you that your office doesn’t have to be boring anymore. It can be as beautiful, feminine and blingy as you are!

San Diego Office Design recently completed this lovely office remodel for our friend and client Rosemary over at Gorilla Stationers.  Rosemary shares a love of everything girlie, gorgeous, and eye-catching and we wanted to reflect that in her office environment.

The beautiful pool-blue paint color on Rosemary’s office walls balance the ‘wow-factor’ of her platinum silver and glossy black office furniture. The chandelier hanging just over her desk adds the sparkle and shimmer to her space that says “hello, I’m the CEO of a successful company AND I’m also stylish and sassy!

The galley style office kitchen in the break room area could easily feel dark and hallway-esque, but by adding white cabinetry and light tiles along with the pretty pool-blue paint, we made this area feel inviting and fresh!

We kept the workstations light and bright white which looks amazing against the darker brownish-gray ceramic wood-plank style floor and added clear acrylic see-through panels to add privacy to the work areas without blocking the natural sunlight. The artwork on the walls plays nicely with the orchid colored seats on each guest chair next to the employees workstation.

The focal wall in the work area looks like rolling white waves and adds some textures and interest to what would normally be just a big blank wall. Most people would just paint this wall, but since Gorilla Stationers is located in the beachy town of Huntington, the textural wave pattern to highlight the area and add some feminine curves.

Rosemary loves her new feminine and fabulous office and her employees feel inspired and appreciated in their lovely new workstations.


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