Best Desks for 2019; Selected by ‘The Design Boss’

As a Commercial Interior Design firm owner that specializes in office design, I see thousands of desks and workstation designs each year.  I also attend interior designer-only trade shows across the country to get a preview of the latest and greatest designs that are on the market or soon to be released (yes, it’s just like shopping for a car…they actually ‘tease us’ with upcoming designs before they officially release them for the upcoming year!)

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of furniture manufacturers that make desks. Most of them tend to look very similar, but some stand out from the crowd either because of their aesthetics, their functionality, or their unique features.

I’ve assembled some of my favorite desk options for late 2018/2019 here.  You’ll see a blend of individual desks, workstations, benching systems, and executive office suites. Most of the desks I have chosen are commercial grade desks (meaning they are fabricated with materials that are meant to last, they include manufacturers warranties, and most can be customized to fit just about any space or brand.)

The least expensive desk on this list is under $300 (and includes built in bluetooth speakers- how cool is that?!) While the higher investment items tend to be grouped workstations and beautifully crafted executive office suites with lots of storage and options to add on to your souls desire.

Since my company designs office suites for growing companies across the country, we use a variety of aesthetics and price-points in order to match our clients brand, style, and budget.  We work with out clients to select colors, fabrics and finishes that reflect their unique palette and brand.  You can see many of the selections I’ve included here on my favorites page in HOUZZ (link here)

Keep these things in mind as you browse, since they may help to determine your budget:

  1. The more options a product has for customizability, the more they tend to cost (not always…but often)
  2. Designer (or trade-only) items tend to have lead times that are from 3 weeks up to 8 weeks or longer, so plan accordingly and order early.
  3. Workstation style desks generally have power and data that run through a hidden power system. This raises the price from an individual residential-style desk.
  4. Sit-to-Stand desks are all the rage right now. Most have powered lift mechanisms, but some are pneumatic (raised with your hand and a little muscle) Prices for sit to stand desks are about 20-30% more than stationary desks.
  5. Real wood is rarely used in office environments. Laminates that look like wood are most popular because of their durability and price point. Designers have access to laminates that have the textural feel of wood that would be hard to discern from real wood. If you prefer natural wood or slab wood tops, they are available, but are pricey.
  6. Legs, panels, divider panels, glass, and storage all add to the look of each piece (and the price.)
  7. I did not include cubicals in this list because (a) I dont care most of them very much (b) we rarely get requests for them anymore and (c) they are pricey.
  8. Your interior designer can share a wealth of options with you at numerous price points and lead times that you wont find on your own. they also have access to every line available (furniture showrooms only showcase the lines that they are selling, so you wont have access to every option.)
best desks- from ‘cheap & cheerful to feature packed



Best custom design
Best designer knock off (the real designer version of this desk cost thousands more!)
Best sit to stand for growing teams (good price point, good color options, clean and contemporary and we can get it in 2 weeks!!)



Best for entry level budgets (our clients love this style and price-point and its a quick-ship product)


Best customizable panel (can be anything!)










Best for feminine office
Best, Mid-price executive desk/suite with sit-to-stand desk (We use this for our clients often and they love it)






Best multi-functional design for workstation
Best add on details (storage, acoustical and tackable fabric dividers, bike rack and planter options and more)



Best customizable benching system (desk shapes, seating areas, storage etc)



Best retro design workstations
Best high-end executive with sit-to-stand desk and tons of options for storage and customization



Best bang for your buck- under $300 (includes bluetooth)- not commercial grade



San Diego Office Design specializes in creating well-branded office and work spaces that are unique to each client. Although the name says San Diego, clients are served from across the country.

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Tamara Romeo, San Diego Office Design

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