Fantastic finds: Designer resources for photos, patterns, color palettes and icons

I recently came across a great article in Site Builder Reports blog about resources for designers and bloggers for free images, photos, and patterns to be used in your blog, newsletter etc.  This was a fantastic find for me, because I am constantly searching for images that will not be infringement of copywrite laws (Just a few weeks ago I received a very nasty from a company called Otto Archives claiming to represent the owner of a thumbnail photo I used in one of my blog posts demanding just under $1000 for the use of the picture)  As it turned out, I was safe from the long arm of the law because I included a link back to the original source of the article, but it took several phone calls to my attorney and a few hours on the phone to free myself from Otto’s clutches.

So, I have been on a quest to find great FREE photos and images, and wanted to share some of the resources in this article by Steve Benjamins who also happens to be the owner of one of the sites (so I’m sure he won’t mind me plugging his article or resources, right Steve?)  Just in case, here is the original link back to his blog: http://www.sitebuilderreport.com/blog/where-the-best-designers-go-to-find-photos-and-graphics

There are at least 30 great resources here that I will use on a weekly basis. I hope you find them useful too!pixabay


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