Let there be light… Beautiful, drool-worthy light!

I am obsessed with lights at the moment.  Part of the obsession was fueled by a visit from my favorite chandelier design company ORION CHANDELIER.  They stopped by my office with a few of their amazing products and handed me a brochure that included photos that made my eyes light up with wonder…where could I use these gorgeous fixtures?  Who would be the lucky design client that would be the proper match for one (or many) or the fabulous custom designed chandeliers that Orion has placed in locations like The W Hotel in Downtown San Diego, Sycuan Casino, The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas?….and the list goes on and on.

Lighting has such a fantastic magical effect on large open spaces.  Hoteliers and Restaurant owners are all looking for ways to make a visual impact on their guests, and that impact is starting resonate with owners of businesses and corporations too.  Let’s call it the lighting trickle-down effect. No, that’s not a real industry phrase, but I think it’s pretty darn appropriate.  Much like design trends start with our favorite bars, lounges, and hotel lobbies, and then get carried back to own homes, business owners are taking note and realizing they need to create the same “wow” brand engagement and effect in their lobbies, showrooms, and retail locations.

Below are a few of the images from Orion’s website that I think are amazing.  There are so many to choose from, and the best part is everything is completely custom designed to fit the space and decor of the interior where it is being placed. The possibilities are limitless!

The Hard Rock Hotel - Las Vegas, NV

Gallery Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV CityCenter - Las Vegas, NV

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