When a whiteboard isn’t white & isn’t boring…

Almost every conference room, class room and meeting room has them; Whiteboards and glass boards that help with note taking and brainstorming.

Typical White boards and marker boards from the past (and still sold today)

The most common white boards and dry erase boards (also known as marker boards) are actually made from an inexpensive melamine formed from plastic with a clear topcoat writing surface, bonded to a thin backing surface. These boards are affordable, and found at just about every discount office supply retailer. Unfortunately, the use of lesser quality materials means that the clear coat tends to wear away over time, and can pick up a ‘ghosting’ effect making it look like you can never quite get the board completely clean.

Writable boards can also be made from porcelain, enamel or steel which are more durable (and more of an investment) than their cheaper counterparts made from plastic.

And the winner goes to…

Our absolute favorite and most highly recommended dry erase boards are made from high quality glass, and we prefer the best of the best, which is made from ‘starphire ultra clear glass’ from Clarus. These amazing boards come in over 150 standard colors and can be customized with any image, logo, statement or any other custom element you can imagine adding to the board.

Talk about a branding opportunity that is unique and memorable for your conference room!

We loved the Clarus boards so much, that we recently decided to ditch our dingy old grayish white board in favor of our new custom branded board, and we wanted to share the before & after with you!

We were keen to take the opportunity to add some original art & branding to our new glass writable board that captured our company’s creative and energetic spirit and it helps to keep our busy interior design team organized and on task.

Across the top of the board we added on company value words which are: Relationships, Joy, Transparency, Expert Guidance, Ownership, Teamwork, and “Wow Factor.” Then down the right hand side we added a column called “Opportunities For Excellence.” this is where we list our special focus projects and initiatives we are actively working on are placed. We also included a bit of our quirky personalities with a box called Inspiration where we share quotes, jokes or witty commentary of the day or week.

Since Clarus has so many colors to select from, it made it easy to add some flair and design with contemporary splashes of our brand colors in radiating triangular rays. (Being designers it made it easy for us to plan our unique look and concept…but don’t worry, we can help you too!)

We love, love, love our new glass board, and hope it inspires you to think about your office conference room or meeting room as a place to add some personality, and pizzazz!

We can help you update your conference room with a new glass board too! Want to know more...drop us a note!

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