9 Sure-fire tips to help you organize your office

We’ve created this helpful little infographic to to share our favorite office organization tips and tricks!

Getting our clients organized is one of the big tasks we focus on as commercial interior designers. When we tackle this daunting task for our office design clients, we have the ability to create spaces that help to encourage easy tuck-away spots that keep items neatly hidden behind doors, drawers, containers or neatly organized storage areas.

Creating ‘finger-tip storage’ is always really helpful. It means that you keep the things you use most often within easy reach, but assign them attractive containers that make it look more decorative than just a pile of ‘stuff’

I’ve included some of my favorite office storage items below for your easy reference. If you need help slogging through the piles of stuff in your office or on your desk, let us know! We will happily come to your rescue!

Here are some of our favorite storage hacks and organizing must-haves! Creating pretty and well-organized ways to get items off your desk and into their appropriate places is one of the most important steps in getting your office organized.

Of course, we think it helps a lot of you add some color and style too 🙂

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