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How We Designed the Best Office/Event Space in San Diego for Billy Gene is Marketing

Billy Gene is Marketing is a Facebook ad guru and internet video phenomenon. 

A few years ago, when he mentioned that his San Diego headquarters was growing at warp speed in the midst of one of his video rants, we jumped on the opportunity to chat with him about it. After several meetings and discussions, he decided we were too pricey for his plan, and so we parted ways, promising to stay in touch via Facebook.

Fast-forward 16 months, and Billy reached out to say that he was ready to take ‘the big leap’ and ‘do it right’ since he was planning to do something really special and unique with his space.

And that’s how it all began.

Billy’s project brief included very simple instructions. He said the space had to be ‘dope as f*ck’ and that he wanted it to look like a Las Vegas Nightclub but still be classy enough to host his world-famous guests like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, and Daymond John  (of Shark Tank fame) among others.

Billy Gene is Marketing interviews Grant Cardone
Billy Gene is Marketing interviews Grant Cardone

Here’s a short list of the really cool features and spaces we designed for him (keep reading to see pics!):

  • A 2-story lobby with a huge branded image of Billy’s head on a custom metal curtain
  • A LED color-changing reception desk (to match the theme of his event)
  • A raised stage with his logo lit from below and color-changing stair-treads
  • 4 rows of “swaggy as sh*t” custom gold theater seats with power & data, training tables & more
  • A LED cocktail bar & hospitality kitchen
  • A hidden fist-pump door to a “swag room” filled with branded give-away items
  • A luxury VIP suite and champagne room for his guests
  • A podcast interview suite for on-camera productions & training
  • A podcast & recording studio with gold brick acoustical wall treatment 
  • An X-box gaming lounge
  • An office seating 24-36 team members
  • An executive conference suite
  • Billy’s private office
  • Custom paint and wall coverings throughout the space from San Diego Office Design

Want to see our conceptual fly-through of the space? Click here.

Amazing Light Up Reception Desk
  • Reception Desk
    • If your reception desk doesn’t make a memorable statement, you’re missing a great opportunity to speak volumes about your BRAND from the moment someone walks through your front door. This custom-designed acrylic & stone entry desk was loaded with color-changing LED lights to add to the WOW effect we wanted to create for this event center/Theater space in San Diego.
    • We had so much fun playing with the remote control, we almost forgot to snap a photo!
  • Podcast Studio
    • When your Facebook-famous client requests something completely unique and custom for his podcast studio and music recording booth, this is what you give him!!  This fully acoustically treated room took weeks to design and revise until we got it just right. We captured the cool aesthetic and cutting edge ‘street-wise’ design and added some really interesting functional features too.
    • The custom-designed one-of-a-kind podcast desk is covered in a hi-gloss black writable surface. Just add some white and gold erasable pens, and the guests sitting around this desk will have a great time chatting via ‘desk message’ during recording sessions. No paper and pens needed!!!
    • The dropped soffit adds even more layers to our acoustical accommodations, plus gives us more feature LED color-changing light to boost the visual appeal of the room from outside the city-front windows.
    • The dimensional ceiling (black) is actually custom foam acoustical tile that will allow for some big-time beat-box moments without disturbing the neighbors
    • The recording booth is covered in dimensional gold brick- each one adds to the acoustical performance of the room as well as the ultra-cool factor.
    • Custom Round WorkStation Designed By San Diego Office Design, Fabricated by StudioOne78
Billy Gene in front of his impressive custom light-up stage
Billy Gene in front of his impressive stage
  • Theater
    • Custom Theater Seats from Fortress Seating
    • Custom light up stage (designed by San Diego Office Design)
    • Curved 17 ft high Chain Curtain Designed by San Diego Office Design, Fabricated by KriskaDECOR USA Inc
Super Cool Light Up Bar/Coffee Table
  • Light Up Bar/Coffee Table
    • Multi-LED Coffee Table Designed by SDOD, Fabricated by StudioOne78
    • Multi-LED Bar Designed by SDOD, Fabricated by StudioOne78


This is definitely our ‘most buzzed-about space’ and has resulted in multiple virtual design projects for other media super-producers from across the US!

We hope you like this amazing space as much as we do! If you want an exceptional office like this one, visit https://www.sdofficedesign.com/getintouch/ to schedule a consultation with the Design Boss, Tamara. 

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