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Luxury Mid-Century Modern Home Makeover – Radical Home Transformations™ Update!

There are so many great details in this beautiful light-filled mid-century modern home that it’s hard to decide what to share in this post!

We began this project almost a year ago, and initially, the owner was considering flipping it and turning it into a rental property. Once we shared our vision for what the house could become, the owner made a big decision to increase our scope (and our budget) to allow us to re-imagine this home from top to bottom.
We like to call it our Radical Home Transformation™!

Since the project isn’t officially ‘complete’ just yet, we’re going to focus on the details that we think are the most awe-inspiring and drool-worthy that are camera-ready so far.

Keep in mind, we haven’t even started decorating yet, so make sure to come back and check for updates over the next few months. We will be finishing the outdoor landscaping, painting the exterior of the house and adding our finishing touches to the decor & artwork too!

Here are our top 5 favorite features so far

1. The amazing handblown glass chandelier (hanging from a sloped 22′ ceiling, no less!)
If you’ve ever hung a chandelier you know it can be tricky business.
Now add a double-height scaffolding, a winding staircase, a sloped ceiling, and individually placed glass globes and wires, and you’ve got a recipe for pure beauty or absolute disaster!

Our custom-made chandelier had 3 different sizes of hand-blown glass globes, each needed to be spaced just close enough together to look unified, but far enough apart not to bang into one another during one of California’s famous earthquakes.

While the electrician stood on his scaffolding, the owner and the contractor watched as the Design team individually placed each cord and bulb (and I have to say, we were getting some judge-y looks from the owner) We had to work on one side of the fixture at a time, making it extremely difficult to consider the overall balance, so it was really pivotal that we had 2 Designers on-site managing from each side of the scaffolding.
Once all of the globes were hung, we had to pray that the scaffolding wouldn’t hit any of the fragile glass globes, and it was nerve-wracking, to say the least!

The end result is stunning, and perfectly placed & balanced (even the owner thinks so!)


This amazing entrance really makes a statement with a one-of-a-kind hand-carved door that features the signs of the zodiac as its design motif.
This door was here prior to the remodel, and we absolutely wanted to save it, so we restored it by sand-blasting it clean and applying a few coats of varnish to help the natural wood patina be showcased.

Once you enter the grand foyer, the FLOATING STAIRCASE catches your eye, but first, notice that the entire foyer is glass, which creates a spectacularly light and bright entrance and the perfect showcase for our numero uno favorite item (the chandelier)

Previously this entire space was dark brown (floors, walls ceilings, and staircase) so our new light gray, white, dark gray, and gold color palette has completely modernized the space while still working with the mid-century aesthetic. (The exact color names are proprietary to this project, and we never share the details to make sure each of our homeowners had something uniquely their own)

Is it magic? You may actually feel like it is when you see this gorgeous suspended staircase with open-footing treads.

Although the staircase existed, we had to remake it from top to bottom: new wooden treads, new supports, new railings= the works! The original railing was simple vertical black metal…nothing fancy, and very utilitarian. We added a unique gold detail that played double-duty as beautiful and functional since it helped to bring the new staircase up to code too.

Blended with the fabulous new golden chandelier, this space sparkles like jewelry day and night!

This new pantry is bigger than some children’s bedrooms!! We added plenty of built-in shelving, power to charge kitchen accessories (so they don’t have to be out on the kitchen counter!), and 3 shelves for wine and champagne glasses.

The flooring here is one of our favorite patterns and combined with our accent turquoise wall, it makes a grand statement. Who wouldn’t love hunting for their favorite snack here?!

A New Dream Pantry

You never have to touch the water on/off switch again while managing glassware or prepping veggies! By just gently tapping the side of the fixture the water instantly turns on or off. Hook it up to the Alexa, and ask it to measure 1/2 a cup of water, and you never need to even grab a measuring glass! 

Beautiful Touchless Fixtures

There are a dozen more stunning spaces we’d love to share with you in this 100% custom home, but we are saving many for the BIG REVEAL when we have a professional photoshoot and move-in party for our Radical Home Transformations™ series!

Stay tuned…we’d love to hear what your favorite features are too!

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