Showcase #2 by Humanscale


When we want the best in ergonomics, we call Humanscale.

Showcase #2 is all about giving your employees the ultimate in adjustability and control over their own work environment.  Today with various sports injuries, and other health concerns,  long hours sitting in one position can antagonize  many people are looking for alternatives to sitting in one place all day.  Each of my employees went through a rigorous testing process with many, many chairs, and we all decided that the DIFFERIENT chair by Humanscale was the best choice in ease of use, comfort, and style.  I personally have a Ballo in my office, and switch from my executive chair to Ballo just to get my core engaged and to make sure that I’m not in such a stagnant position all day in my office.  We have each taken turns working at the adjustable desk, and really enjoy it too.  Why don’t you stop by and try it out for yourself?

Humanscale pioneered ergonomics in the office and is still the leader in office ergonomics.  We make tools that allow your workstation adapt to you versus the other way around.

Diffrient World

An unprecedented combination of performance and sustainability in the simplest task chair ever created.


Diffrient World marks Humanscale’s first foray into all-mesh task seating. Like its mesh-backed forerunner, Liberty, the Diffrient World chair’s tri-panel backrest hugs the body to provide tailor-made lumbar support, while its mesh seat eliminates contact stress under the thighs. But Diffrient World’s major innovation is its mechanism-free recline action, which leverages two parts of the chair’s frame and the laws of physics to provide automatic, balanced support throughout the full range of recline. No chair is more intuitive, creating the ultimate user-friendly sitting experience.
float height adjust table


FLOAT: With recent research suggesting that sitting is harmful to one’s health, height-adjustable tables such as Float are more essential than ever. Featuring a unique counterbalance mechanism, Float enables simple, one-hand height adjustment for ergonomic sit-stand usage, without an obstructive crossbeam, a cumbersome crank or electricity.

Introducing the world’s most scalable monitor support solution. The M/Flex monitor system enables swift and simple reconfigurations without disrupting existing equipment or adding new components. Providing unprecedented flexibility, M/Flex supports up to six monitors from a single post, in any configuration, or up to twelve monitors from two posts connected via crossbars.

Element Disc LED Light

Bringing together cutting edge technology and compact design

element LED

From its elegant, minimal aesthetic to its next-generation technology, the Element Disc LED task light is leading the LED revolution. Utilizing innovative Thin Film LED Technology, it offers seven levels of brightness with just an effortless “pinch” of the light head. And taking advanced LED technology to a new level of sustainability, the Element Disc LED task light features an occupancy sensor that turns the unit on or off when the user enters or leaves the area. When not in use, it folds into a compact nesting position, with the form of the lamp head gracefully echoing that of the base.


A new movement in seating, Ballo is a multipurpose stool for short-term, active sitting.


Ballo is a multipurpose stool for short-term, active sitting. Ideal for a variety of uses, settings and spaces, the Ballo stool is suited to home and office environments and everywhere in between. Perfect for pulling up a quick seat, surrounding a conference table or for use in a reception area, Ballo inspires activity. Available in seven colors, Ballo’s playful aesthetic complements any space while promoting healthy movement.

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