Your office lobby and the first impression its making (or lacking)


First impressions matter.

They matter A LOT.

Make a memorable impression on the visitors to your office and plan accordingly for your reception and lobby areas.

Be unique…be thoughtful….Pay attention to the details.

Incorporating natural stone like this gorgeous blue crystaline slab can showcase your commitment to the environment and to your company’s creative vision.

Most of all, it shows you’ve invested in your space and that you aren’t going to pack up and vanish over the weekend. If you’re in financial services, wealth management, or serve a high-end clientele, this would make a strong statement of stability, credibility and add some ‘wow-factor’ to your space.

Some of the great things about this natural stone product are:

  1. Each slab is completely unique and there will never ever be another like it.
  2. It is naturally stain resistant and easy to clean
  3. They are translucent and can be back lit for a stunning display
  4. slabs come in several jaw droppingly gorgeous colors!


When you some wow factor…drop me a note. SAN DIEGO OFFICE DESIGN

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(photo courtesy crystaline stone images)
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