3 BIG reasons why you shouldn’t cut art out of your office budget

One of the elements of office design that is constantly overlooked by people planning to improve or move their work spaces is artwork.  Many times it’s for budget reasons…after  the myriad of things to plan for, pay for, and make decisions about, office art is often deemed a ‘non-essential item’ and is cut from the budget and the plan.

There are 3 really great reasons why you should not cut art from your office budget, and then a slew of thinking points about why art can be a good investment.

  1. Art is an expression of your company’s personality and culture.  It visually communicates your values, vision, whit, and whimsy and helps visitors and employees connect with their purpose within the structure of your team. In the example below, we showcased art created for one of our San Diego office design clients that held a special place in the founders heart. Each of the personalities shown in the artwork inspired his creativity, and bolstered his enthusiasm for the creations of his high-powered marketing team.
  2. Art creates an instant connection point for visitors. Think of it as the ‘jewerly of your office’ since it adds the finishing sparkle to your space. It can also cohesively weave the design together with color, texture, tone, and visual interest. One of the items most often commented on within an office space is the art & decor since it’s often unique to the space (at least it is when you work with a good interior design firm!)
  3. Art communicates the tone of the space; it can be humorous and cutting edge, demure and classic, representative of location or special interests, or customized to reflect your companies own brand and products. A millennial marketing agency will mostly likely have completely different type & quality of art than a Attorney’s office.

Want to learn more about how to select art based on your company’s culture and personality? give us a shout at San Diego Office Design (619)610-9358


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