Office setting with colorful acoustical panels on the wall

Do acoustic panels really help with sound?

The short answer is yes, acoustic panels and artwork can really help to diminish loud noise when used in conjunction with other items and places properly within your office space.

Notice my caveat here…You need to know how to balance the wall, floor and ceiling applied acoustic materials in order to really be effective in drowning the sound within your office. Its best to ask a professional interior designing or acoustician for help if you really cant stand the sound in your space.

For quick answer check these items out within your office to see if you have the basics covered:

  1. Do you have a newer acoustical ceiling in your office? (this would be a drop style ceiling usually in a 2×2 square grid pattern, or a 2×4 rectangular pattern. Good quality ceiling tiles are worth the investment, especially if you have hard surface flooring (like tile, vinyl, wood or concrete)
  2. Do you have padded carpet or higher grade commercial carpet in your office? the combination of both acoustical ceiling tiles and carpet can really make a bid difference in sound carry within your office space.
  3. Paneled walls or workstation panels covered in fabric (preferably acoustical fabric and not just ugly carpet or standard decorative fabric)
  4. Ceiling applied or hung acoustical baffles (this is what you may be familiar with from restaurant of hotel lobby ceilings. Often they hang in a decorative pattern overhead (see the below for reference)

Looking for more help with noise issues in your work space? Give us a call at San Diego Office Design and we will design a solution that perfect for your environment and your budget!





Armstrong Ceiling baffles shown on open ceiling

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